February Challenge: Final Thoughts

In 2015, I will set myself a new 30-day challenge every single month. That’s 12 30-day challenges. Some will be harder than others but all of them will be related to one of my five areas of focus this year: family, health, emotional mastery, financial empowerment and helping others through coaching.

In February my challenge was to do start every day doing an Hour of Power, or at least Thirty Minutes to Thrive. For a description of the challenge, please see my introductory post.

So, how did I do?

After a slow start I actually managed to start most of my days doing my Hour of Power. My full hour consisted of 15 minutes of moving and breathing, gratitude and visualization and incantations.

I then did at least 15 minutes of exercise. Some days that meant staying on my stationary bike 15 minutes longer, other days I did a combination of different muscle exercises.

After these 30 minutes I sat down to write for at least 15 minutes. The last minutes of my hour I took a relaxing shower followed by at least 30 seconds to a minute of cold showering.

On the days I did my full Hour of Power I felt absolutely amazing the rest of the day. I was more focused, more productive and my level of energy remained high for the entire day.

When I skipped my Hour of Power I immediately noticed the effect; while the drop in focus and energy was less notable compared to before I started my challenge, it was still considerable.

What did I learn?

The lesson learned from this challenge is an easy one; it is obvious why the most successful people start their day off with a morning  routine, their own version of the Hour of Power. It gives them an edge that lasts the entire day.

It’s like having a head start during a running event; you’re well ahead of everyone else and your chances to win are a lot better.

I can highly recommend everyone to design their own Hour of Power and to do it at the beginning of their day.

I will definitely keep up the practice.